1. In plants, over small distances substances move by


2. Over long distances in plants substances move by


3. In plants, the direction of organic and mineral nutrients


4. Movement by diffusion is


5. Diffusion of solids is ___________________ then in solids.


6. Diffusion is


7. Diffusion rates are affected by


8. The only means of gaseous movement within the plant body is


9. The process in which special proteins help move substances across membranes without the expenditure of ATP energy?


10. Facilitated diffusion is


11. Pumps in active transport are


12. Porins form huge pores in _____________ of plastids, mitochondria and some bacteria.


13. Different proteins in the membrane play a major role in


14. Water channel in facilitated diffusion made up of


15. Label A, B, C, X in figure  respectively


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