Welcome to your TRANSPORT IN PLANTS Quiz 3

If external solution is more dilute than the cytoplasm, it is a

In hypotonic solution, water diffuses into the cell causing the cytoplasm to build up the pressure against the wall called

Pressure can be applied as shown in figure

Pressure exerted by the protoplast due to entry of water against the rigid wall is

Water drawn out of the cell into the extracellular fluid through

Osmotic pressure is the function of ___________

More the solute concentration

Osmotic potential is _____________ pressure while osmotic pressure is _____________ pressure applied.

The turgor pressure is ultimately responsible for

The behaviour of plant cell with regard to water movement depends on the

The process of plasmolysis is

The movement of water occurred across the membrane moving from an area of ___________ water potential to the area of _______ water potential

Numerically osmotic pressure is equals to

In _________, water moves __________. It is first lost from ________ and then from __________.

If external solution balances the osmotic pressure of the cytoplasm it is said to be

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