Welcome to your TRANSPORT IN PLANTS Quiz 4

Pre-requisite for imbibition

The responsibility of absorption of water and minerals is more specifically of

Assertion – Imbibition is also diffusion. Reason – water movement is along a concentration gradient

Plant cell does not rupture due to

Absorption of water by seeds is an example of

Turgor pressure is caused by osmotic flow of water and occurs in Plant cell, animal cell, fungi, bacteria, Protista

Seed and other such material have enough water hence, they absorb water easily.

_________ is a special type of diffusion when water is absorbed by ____________- colloids - causing them to _________ in volume

An animal cell placed in pure water

Root hairs are ____________ slender extensions of root________ that___________ the surface area for absorption

Which technique is used by prehistoric man to split rocks and boulders?

Water is absorbed along the mineral solutes, by the root hairs

What is true for a mass flow system?

Water, minerals and food are generally moved by

Movement of a molecule across a typical plant cell (about 50µm) takes

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