Welcome to your TRANSPORT IN PLANTS Quiz 5

Assertion - Most of the water flow in the roots occurs via apoplast. || Reason – the cortical cells are densely packed hence offer no resistance to water movement.

The bulk movement of substance through the conducting tissue of plant is called

If a plasmolysed cell has O.P. = 12, T.P. = -4. Its DPD will be

Calculate how many time it would take for the movement of molecule over a distance of 1m within a plant by diffusion alone?

Which cannot germinate and establish without the presence of mycorrhizae

What is correct with respect to the movement of water in this diagram?

Water moves

Xylem is mainly associated with translocation of

Most of the water flow in the roots occurs via

For a fully flaccid cell

A cell A has Ψw = -5 kPa and another cell B has Ψw = -7 kPa. What is the net flow of water moment?

For a fully turgid cell

Apoplast is

DPD is maximum when

The movement of water through the root layers is ultimately _________ in the endodermis.

Apoplastic movement of water occurs through

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