Welcome to your TRANSPORT IN PLANTS Quiz 6

Mass flow of water occurs due to ________ property of water

Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association of

The pathway of water movement is shown in the figure. Label A, B, C, and D respectively.

Statement 1 - Root pressure play a major role in water movement up tall trees || Statement 2 – The greatest contribution of root pressure may be to re-establish the continues change of water molecules

Root pressure is

Assertion - The inner boundary of the cortex is impervious to water || Reason – A band of suberised matrix is present in endodermis

Symplastic movement is ________ than apoplastic movement

Most of the water is lost through ___________ in the leaves. This water loss is known as _____________

The effect of root pressure is observed at

Water loss in its liquid phase observed at the tip of grass blades is called__________

Transpiration is a

The fungus provides __________ to the roots

Root pressure can be responsible for pushing up water to larger distances in the plant

___________ of the water reaching the leaves is used in photosynthesis and plant growth.

The roots provides __________ to the mycorrhizae.

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