Welcome to your TRANSPORT IN PLANTS Quiz 7

Concentration of mineral in soil as compare to the concentration of mineral in the root

Minerals must enter the root

The plant factors that affect transpiration

Transpiration can create pressure sufficient to lift a xylem sized column of water

Assertion - Transport protein of endodermal cells are control points || Reason – Plant only control the water molecule reach the xylem

The function of stomata is / are

The mutual attraction between water molecules is

Transport proteins in endodermal cells

Orientation of Cellular microfibrils in guard cells is _______

The external factors which affect transpiration

Mineral ions move into the epidermal cell by


After the ions reached xylem their further transport is through

Statement 1: C3 plants are twice as efficient as C4 plants in terms of fixing carbon || Statement 2: C3 plants loses only half as much water as C4 plant for the same amount of CO2 fixed

Statement 1: Root endodermis has the ability to passively transport ions in one direction only. || Statement 2: Root endodermis has a layer of suberin.

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