Which of the following is a trace element

The criteria for essentiality of an element is/are

1. Scientist who demonstrated for the first time that plants could be grown in a defined nutrient solution in complete absence of soil

Some plants growing near nuclear test site take up radioactive

There are techniques that are able to detect the minerals even at very ___________ concentration (__________).

The technique of growing plants in a nutrient solution

Essential elements as components of biomolecules and structural elements of cell

_____________ elements of the __________ discovered so far are found in different plants

The micronutrients obtained from CO2 and H2O is/are

Most of the minerals are provided to plant by

Which of the following is not a microelement

Energy related chemical compounds in chlorophyll is

Essential elements that are elements of energy related chemical components in plants of chlorophyll synthesis

Hydroponic has been successfully employed as a technique for the commercial production of vegetable such as

In technique hydroponics the plant is grown

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