The three micronutrients absorbed by plants from soil,

For each molecule of ammonia produced by nitrogenase, the number of electrons used are

For 3 molecules of ammonia produced by nitrogenase, the number of ATP molecules required are

During Nitrogen Fixation, Nitrite is _________ to nitrate with the help of bacterium_________

Rhizobium and Frankia are

Boron is absorbed by plants as

The three macronutrients absorbed by plants from soil,

Structural elements of plant cell

Zinc ion is an activator of enzyme in______ and Mo of enzyme __________ during Nitrogen metabolism

The beneficial elements required by higher plants are-

Frankia produces Nitrogen- fixing nodules on the roots of non- leguminons plants like

The element which aids in opening and closing of stomata is

Activator of phosphoenol pyruvate carbozylase

What are the functions of Boron?

NEET QUIZ biology diagram

Elements act as an activation of RuBisCO & PEPcase is

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