Find the mismatched pair of elements with their absorbed ions from soil

NEET QUIZ biology diagram

Which element is the constituent of the ring structure of chlorophyll

Phosphorus is absorbed by plants in the form of

Match the following

NEET QUIZ biology diagram

Plants obtained iron in the form of

The enzyme which is capable of nitrogen reduction is present in

Which option is correct (I)Nitrogen is required by some parts of a plants and in metabolically active cells (II) P is constituent of cell membrane, certain nucleic acid and all proteins (III) Ca activates all enzymes and plays important role in regulating metabolic activities (IV) Fe is required in large amount in comparison to other macronutrients

Plants obtain S in the form of

Nitrogen is mainly absorbed as

Amino acids having S in it

The deficiency symptoms of iron and calcium in plants may actually be due to the toxicity of

Which enzyme is activated by iron

The enzyme which is capable of nitrogen reduction is

Essential nutrient element required by plants in the greatest amount

Which of the following statement is/are correct? (I) N is one of the major constituent of proteins, nucleic acid, vitamins and hormones (II) P is required for all phosphorylation reaction (III) P is a constituent of cell membrane

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