__________ competes with _________ for binding with enzyme

Which is the main amino acid from which the transfer of NH2 , the amino group takes place and other amino acids are formed ?

Toxicity of which element inhibit calcium translocation in shoot apex?

Initiation of nodule formation occurs in

Denitrification is carried by bacteria

Choose the correct option.

Assertion: The hydroxyl part of acid is replaced by another NH2^- radicle in transamination.
Reason:  Amides contains less nitrogen than the amino acid

Essential elements

Nitrifying bacteria are

The nodule of some plants(e.g. Soyabean) export the fixed nitrogen

Enzyme nitrogenase

The first stable product of nitrogen fixation is

Free living nitrogen fixing aerobic microbes

Choose the correct option.

Statement 1: Access of Mg may in fact induces deficiencies of Fe, Mn, Ca.

Statement 2: Toxicity of Mg may actually be the deficiency of Fe, Mn, Ca.

Ammonium ions cannot accumulate in plants because

The two most important amides found in plants which are structural part of proteins

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