Which of the following group of animals is ureotelic in nature?

The Nitrogenous waste require least amount of water for its elimination is

Major forms of nitrogenous wastes is/ are

Why terrestrial adaptation necessitated the production of lesser toxic nitrogenous waste?

Ammonia is converted to urea in _____________ & excreted out by_______________

Major form of nitrogenous waste is

Which of the following group of animal/s is ammonotelic in nature?

Ammonia is converted into urea in

Animals accumulate NH3, Urea, Uric acid, CO2, H2O and Ions by

Some amount of urea may be retained in the kidney matrix of some ureotelic animals to

Which of the following statement is correct for ammonotelic animals?

(I) Ammonia is readily soluble.
(II) Ammonia is generally excreted by diffusion across the body surface.
(III) Ammonia is mainly excreted by gills as NH3.
(IV) Kidney plays a very significant role in its removal.

Which is the least toxic form of nitrogenous waste?

Marine fishes excrete

The Nitrogenous waste require large amount of water for its elimination is

Which is the most toxic form of nitrogenous waste?

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