Each kidney of an adult human measures length, width, thickness, and average weight respectively as

Which of the following is correct about Protonephridia/ Flame cells.

I. They are excretory structures in Platyhelminthes.
II. They are excretory structures in Rotifers and all Annelids.
III. They are excretory structures in Cephalochordate-Amphioxus.
IV. Protonephridia is primarily concerned with ionic and fluid volume regulation.

The excretory structure, Nephridia help to

Which of the following is/are incorrect

I. Towards the center of the inner convex surface of the kidney is a notch called Hilum.
II. Inner the hilum is a broad funnel-shaped space called the Renal Pelvis.
III. Projections of renal Pelvis called Renal Pyramid.

How many statements are correct about human excretory system.

(A) Excretory system consists of a pair of kidneys, one ureter, urinary bladder and a urethra.
(B) Kidneys are reddish-brown, bean shaped structure.
(C) Kidneys are situated between the levels of the 12th Thoracic and 3rd lumbar vertebra close to the Dorsal wall of the Abdominal cavity.
(D) Right kidney is at a little higher level than the left one.

Inside the kidney there are two zones. These are

Match column I and II

a) Planaria                  1.Protonephridia
b)Rotifers                   2. Malpighian Tubules
c) Earthworm            3. Green Glands
d) Cockroach             4. Nephridia
e) Prawn                     5. Flame cells

Inner to the Hilum is a broad funnel shaped space called

Projections of Renal Pelvis called

Uric acid is excreted in the form of

Which of the following group of animals is uricotelic?

Antennal glands are also called

The part of kidney, through which Ureter, Blood vessels and Nerves enter.

Excretory structure in Planaria

Excretory structure in Cephalochordate

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