In Counter current mechanism, NaCl is transported by _____ limb of Henle’s loop which is exchanged with_________ limb of vasa recta.

A human kidney can produce urine nearly_________ times more concentrated than the initial filtrate formed.

Mammals have the ability to produce___

In Counter current mechanism, NaCl is returned to interstitium of kidney by_________ portion of vasa recta.

The hypothalamus releases ADH from______

The hormonal feedback mechanism in the kidney involves all except:

A small amount of urea enters the _____ segment of________ limb of loop of Henle which is transported back to interstitium by________.

Osmolarity of cortex (in OsmolL⁻¹) is____.

The proximity between the Henle’s loop and Vasa Recta as well as counter current in them help in maintaining___________ osmolarity towards ______.

The flow of filtrate in the 2 limbs of Henle’s loop is in _________ direction and thus form a ________.

Which of the following plays a significant role in the counter current mechanism?

What is true for ADH among the following:

i)ADH also known as vasopressin.

ii)It facilitates water reabsorption from the initial parts of the tubule.

iii)It prevents Diuresis.

iv)It affects kidney function by its constrictory effects on blood vessels.

The flow of blood through the 2 limbs of vasa recta is in _________ direction and thus form a ________.

In Counter current mechanism,Osmolarity in mOsmolL⁻¹ towards inner medullary interstitium changes from________.

Osmoreceptors in the human’s body are activated by changes in____

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