The Blood from Glomerulus is carried away by______

Afferent arteriole is a fine branch of_________

Malpighian Body is ____________.

The Inward extension of cortex between medullary pyramid called________.

Which of the following represent the correct sequence of flow of Renal tubular fluid?

Majority of Nephrons are:-

i) A hairpin-shaped Henle’s loop is the next part of PCT.
ii) DCT of only one Nephron opens into a straight tube called Collecting Duct.
iii) Many Collecting Tubules converge and open into the Renal pelvis through Medullary pyramids in the calyces.

Which of the following is/are not situated in the Renal cortical region?

Choose the correct option:

i) A hairpin-shaped Henle’s loop is the next part of PCT.
ii) DCT of only one Nephron opens into a straight tube called Collecting Duct.
iii) Many Collecting Tubules converge and open into the Renal pelvis through Medullary pyramids in the calyces.

Which of the following is the functional unit of Kidney?

What are the regions of Renal tubule having a highly coiled network?

i) Glomerulus
ii) PCT
iii) Henle's loop

Each kidney has nearly _________ Nephrons.

Each Nephron is made up of two parts named:-

The Renal tubule begins with____

Glomerulus is a tuft of capillaries formed by ______

Bowman’s capsule is a__________.

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