Choose the correct option w.r.t the names of different bacteria according to their shapes:

In a three-domain system, which Kingdom is divided into two domains?

How many of the following Kingdoms were given by R.H. Whittaker?

In how many kingdoms eukaryotes have included:

Who proposed the two Kingdom classification?

The three Kingdom classification is given by_____

Name the Kingdom included in three Kingdom classification other than the Kingdom Plantae and Animalia.

Aristotle divided animals into which of the following two groups?

Which of the following kingdom differentiate prokaryotes from eukaryotes?

Choose the correct option:

Assertion: Over a period of time classification system has undergone several changes.

Reason: Criteria for classification get changed gradually.

In which year Whittaker gave the five Kingdom classification?

Which of the following are not included in the five Kingdom classification?

The 3 domain system or six Kingdom classification is given by______

The four Kingdom classification is given by_____

Who was the earliest to attempt a morphological scientific basis for classification?

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