In earlier classification, Paramaecium and Amoeba were placed in which of the following Kingdom?

Chemosynthetic autotrophic bacteria play a great role in recycling nutrients like-

In an earlier classification system, bacteria were included under

In the three-domain system, the third domain contains:

Which of the following is a unicellular eukaryote?

How do Archaebacteria differ from other bacteria?

The main criteria for five Kingdom classification used by R.H. Whittaker include:

The cell wall of most of the fungi is made up of______

Which of the following bacteria play a great role in recycling bacteria?

Identify A and B in the given figure representing Nostoc and correctly name the kingdom it belongs to:

Which of the following is a Bacterial disease?

Five Kingdom classification by RH Whittaker is based on

Choose the correct option: (True/False)

  1. Bacterial structures are very complex and they are very simple in behaviour. 
  2. Bacterial have the most extensive metabolic diversity.
  3. The vast majority of bacteria are Chemoautotrophs.
  4. Hundreds of Bacteria are found in the handful of soil.

Which of the following Kingdom include unicellular eukaryotes?

Match the columns on the basis of cell wall:-

Column 1

Column 2

a) Fungi

i) No cell wall

b) Plants


c) Animals


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