Which of the following feature of Cynobacteria is similar to Green plants?

Dikaryotic stage occurs in____

The asexual spores in ascomycetes produced_______ on the special mycelium called_______

Which of the following is correct for Dinoflagellates?

Which of the following Kingdom has no well defined boundaries?

Which of the following is incorrect about Archaebacteria?

In Dikaryophase which of the following step/s is/are delayed?

Identify A,B and C :

Choose the correct sequence of steps in the sexual cycle of fungi-

Which of the following form the basis for the classification of fungi?

Which of the following statement is not true for Slime moulds?

Choose the correct option:

Assertion: Ciliated protozoa are aquatic, actively moving organisms.

Reason: They have the presence of thousands of flagella.

The given statements are incorrect except-

Which of the following statement is not correct for bacteria?

The asexual spores in Ascomycetes are called____

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