Which of the following affects reproduction in seasonal breeders?

An organism belonging to the same phylum but not to the same order are included under:

Choose the odd one from the following:

Select the number of Families among the following:

Chordata, Arthropoda, Muscidae, Sapindales, Triticum, Poaceae, Musca, sapiens

The correct sequence of taxonomic categories showing hierarchical arrangement in ascending order is:

Who is known as the father of taxonomy?

The book “Systema Naturae” is given by:

Fragmentation is a mode of asexual reproduction occur in _______

Photoperiod affects reproduction in seasonal breeders in _____

Photoperiod affects____

In which of the following organism/s reproduction is synonymous with growth?

The families included in the order Polynomials are:

In taxonomic categories order is integrated between____

Choose the odd one with respect to Order:

How many of the following statement/s are incorrect?

i) Keys are generally analytical in nature.

ii) Keys are based on the contrasting characters generally in a pair called couplet.

iii) Each statement in a lead is called a Key.

iv) Key is one of the taxonomic aid used for the identification of Plants only.

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