Match the following:

Column I

Column II

A) Isogamous 

i) Eudorina

B) Anisogamous 

ii) Fucus

C) Oogamous 

iii) Spirogyra

Natural system of classification was given by:

In which of the following alga, gametes are non-flagellated (non-motile) but similar in size?

Match the columns with the most appropriate ones:

Column I

Column II

A) Colonial

i) Chlamydomonas

B) Filamentous

ii) Porphyra

C) Unicellular

iii) Volvox

D) Non-flagellated

iv) Ectocarpus

In which of the following alga, gametes are flagellated and similar in size?

Choose the correct option w.r.t. Red algae:

Phylogenetic system of classification was based on:

At least _____ of the total CO₂  fixation on earth is carried out by algae through photosynthesis.

Phylogenetic classification system was given by:

How many of the following are included under Kingdom Plantae?

Ectocarpus, Chlamydomonas, Blue-green algae, Eudorina, Euglena, Polytrichum, Sequoia, Mucor

Fusion of two gametes dissimilar in size, is termed as _______

Choose the odd one w.r.t. Algae:

Which of the following asexual spore is flagellated and motile and on germination give rise to new plants?

The most common type of asexual spore in algae is:

Artificial system of classification was given by:

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