When blood is filtered, all constituents of plasma pass onto the lumen of Bowman's capsule except______

Arrange the processes involved in Urine formation in the sequential order:-

Identify A to D in the given diagram which represent the Malpighian body.

On an average ______ of blood is filtered by the kidneys per _____which constitute roughly _____ of the blood pumped out by each ventricle of the heart in a minute.

The first step in Urine formation is_______

Vasa recta is absent or highly reduced in_____

In Glomerulus, afferent arteriole___________

A minute vessel of Peritubular Capillaries runs parallel to the Henle’s loop forming______

Almost all the constituents of plasma pass onto the _____ of Bowman's capsule.

The minute spaces in epithelial cells of Bowman's capsule are called_______

Which of the following Statement/s is/are correct for cortical nephron?

Which of the following forms a fine capillary network around the renal tubule?

Efferent arteriole forms a fine capillary network around the renal tubule called_________

The layers through which the blood is filtered during Ultrafiltration are:

Filtration of blood in the kidney is caused by _____ through ______ layers.

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