Which of the following option is correct for Bryophytes?

A) The plant body of Marchantia is Heterothallic.

B) Liverworts have an elaborate mechanism of spore dispersal than Mosses.

C) The leafy stage develops from secondary protonema.

D) In bryophytes, gametophytes are free living.

Gemma cups are located on:

Pick out the wrong statement from the following:

The life cycle of most of the algae are haplontic except:

In some pteridophytes, sporophylls form a compact structure called

Which of the following is/are Mosses?

Which of the following is Homosporous?

Match the following:

Column I  

Column II

A) Selaginella

i) Algae

B) Spirogyra

ii) Bryophytes

C) Sphagnum 

iii) Pteridophytes

D) Sequoia 

iv) Gymnosperm

E) Sargassum

v) Angiosperm

Haploid, multicellular, small, mostly photosynthetic, thalloid gametophyte in pteridophyte is called

Pteridophytes have microphylls and macrophylls as in

Match the following:

Column I  

Column II

A) Psilopsida

i) Equisetum

B) Lycopsida

ii) Psilotum

C) Sphenopsida

iii) Selaginella

D) Pteropsida

iv) Adiantum

First terrestrial plants possessing vascular tissues are:

The first stage of Mosses is:

The dominant phase in the life cycle of Pteridophytes is:

Horsetails and Ferns are:

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