The members of Chlorophyceae are commonly called as _______

Which of the following is known as "Amphibians of the Plant Kingdom"?

Choose the correct option:

A) In Rhodophyceae, sexual reproduction is absent.

B) Asexual reproduction in most brown algae is by biflagellate zoospores.

C) In Phaeophyceae, gametes are pyriform and bear two laterally attached flagella.

D) In Chlorophyceae, pyrenoids contain starch besides protein.

How many of the following are examples of class Phaeophyceae?

Chlamydomonas, Ectocarpus, Ulothrix, Dictyota, Fucus, Laminaria, Fern, Selaginella, Porphyra, Gelidium

Which of the following marine algae is/are used as food?

Which of the following group of algae produces Carrageen?

Major pigments found in green algae are:

The main plant body of Bryophytes is:

Sphagnum is also known as ________

Match the following and choose the correct option:

Column I

Column II

A) Gracilaria

i) Phaeophyceae

B) Algin

ii) Ice cream and jellies

C) Carrageen

iii) Food supplements even by space travelers

D) Chlorella

iv) Rhodophyceae

Which of the following algae is/are used in the preparation of ice cream and jellies?

Which of the following option is correct?

Statement 1: Sphagnum is used as a packaging material for the transshipment of living material.

Statement 2: Sphagnum has the capacity to hold the water.

Choose the correct option:

Assertion: Bryophytes are also called  "Amphibians of the Plant Kingdom".

Reason: These plants can live in soil but are dependent on water for sexual reproduction.

Which of the following algae is used as a food supplement even by space travelers?

In Chlorophyceae, food is stored as:

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